October 02, 2006

October 2, 1974
hitherethisisbilly speaking about toothpaste
I think that it is stupid to make all those different brands when they only you only need one brand so as i see it
the thing to do is be very smart so you can idiot makes the world go around so i and Joe made my english class is dumb.
I am on Jon leiners team for country reports in geography class we are doing iran i am the map drawer sometimes i think that if John would not be so up tight we would make out much better I am going to write a lot to make up for the times i've missed while I was absent, by the way i have been absent from school on thursday and friday mr. bedell finally got a cage to put the gunea pigs in so we got the pigs a couple of days later today we got to hold them and one went to the bathroom on repetti's hand.