October 16, 2006

October 16, 1974
the mystery of the magnate

one morning, Mr. Klomperman woke bright and early. He saw the early morning sun streaming through the back window of his home over looking his famous earplug factory. He put on his bathrobe and slippers And went to his front door to look at the sun glistening on his factory's windows. as he stepped out on his front porch. two men grabbed him, he wriggled and squirmed and broke free . . . . . .
"And I came straight to your office", Mr. Kloperman said, "those two men were after my factory", He said, "(still puffing) "they stole the deed to it!" " The reason I didnt see them is the sun was in my eyes" I ran all the way here. He was in the office of the famous detective Hirlock Sholmes.
I found a note saying they want $2,000,000 in cash and to leave it in the park or else. Hirlock said, "I'm arresting you for fraud"

What made Hirlock think that Mr. Kloperman's story was untrue?

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