October 18, 2006

October 18, 1974
My grandmother came yesterday from massachusetts, we go down to her house all the time but she has never been to our house. In math we are working with angles and triangles, so I had to get a protractor. Last night i had to draw five triangles and measure the angles. Today I went to the library with my teammates to get something done on our report on iran.

October 18, 1974
Once upon the star Theta-12.1, where the trisecundar people live there landed a space ship, an oval-bubble-topped-tripod-legged,-flash ing-blue-and-red-and
-green lights-glowing spaceship.

You were there

There I was faced head-on by a vicious killer. I was on a mountain expedition in the badlands of the salami islands. When suddenly my party rounded the top of a rocky, pinnacle, we saw a hot spring threatening, spitting scalding water in all directions, a warning of volcanic eruption. what should we do? to late to run, but my party fled and so I did too. we heard behind us a bubbling, gurgling, gushing sound and suddenly a gigantic explosion followed by a boiling, seething mass of liquid rock. Our party scattered in all directions. By now it was almost dark and the eruption streaked the sky with blazing light. I jumped out of the path of the steaming deluge and ran, stumbling, blinded by the intense light scraping the skin of my hands and knees on the jagged rocks. All at once I felt myself lifted bobbing in the lava, seemingly on thin air but further investigation proved that i was sitting on a fragment of pumice being carried down the mountainside at an unbeleiveable rate. I finally made it to the bottom as I crept off the stone that saved my life, I hardly dared set foot on the ground for fear that I would step in boiling lava but all my foot touched was the soft carpet of my bedroom.

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