October 28, 2006

October 28, 1974
I am practising my handwriting because it is a lot easier to write with a fountain pen than print.
I am doing pretty well considering that I have not written in two or three years.
I am inreading class the stared words are very easy today. I have gotten my scope magazine today. I think that mr. lichtfuss is getting to be a real crab, today on the athletic field after exercises he told us to run three laps around the soccer field for no reason at all. I am now in Theology.

Small Town: Pullmanville
Familys father mother kids pets
smiths Ed Clara John, Martha cat
Blances walter sandy mike, mabel, marion
Glastermans Joe christine peter,cathy dog
Hariss' stephen hamsters, bird, snake
Bachelors: Arthur Mandrake, Lyton lux
unmarried girls (of age): sue splark, Harriet swanson, Mary clipps

michael small is an amateur magician he doesn't pay much attention to anything he is on my book report group I wish he wasn't