November 02, 2006

November 2, 1974 (private journal)
I just got up and I am looking forward to my art lesson.
I feel pretty good but I think I could use a little more sleep.

after art lesson
I just came home from my art lesson. Mrs. Demeris (my art teacher) was not as cheerful as usual. I painted a picture of a mischevous looking dog (after four trys).I bought a tube of tellow paint.
My friend Robert Just came over. his family signed up for a project course and parts to build your own T.V.
He has brown eyes and dark black-brown hair he is one year older than me

With Robert
Ants get drunk easily.
Me and robert were playing american roulette: we tossed our jug of wine around until one of us dropped it and it burst, I lost.
Our cat must be very lazy. she was laying in the same place for almost an hour. I thought she might be parylized.
I keep some bettles in a box in our back yard. they are super strong one of them can move a 2" rock and they are only about an inch long.
I have been playing with a beetle, now Robert's back.
While Robert was here me and Jenny had a fight. Me and Robert played with the beetles again.
On halloween me and Robert went trick or treating together we went as dead housewives we got twice the candy of anyone else (of course we went pretty far too). Our routine was. We would come up to a house and knock on the door, if the lady of the house answered we would say, "We're dead housewives we know how you feel." Then one of us would say. " We're fighting for a worthy cause we deserve more." They would usually take a whole handful of candy and dump it in our bags.
By the way, the power really did go out last night. (see "Ghost Story" Nov. 1)