November 03, 2006

Saturday, November 3, 1974 (private journal)
one yellow spot: Firefly
one blue spot: feisty
two yellow spots: Ozark
two green spots: Martian
two blue spots: five foot 2"
one red spot: Laser
two red spots: Bloodshot
one crimson spot: Pee Wee

before dinner
Lately I've been getting up way ahead of the family because of the new time
my family goes to bed and wakes up according to time but I get up when the sun is bright enough

on the way in car
My dad invited me and Steven to caddy for him and Mr. Masterson (a friend of the family). He and my father have not played golf for years/ I will make notes while we're there.
The chart at the bottom of the last page is a list of the colors we painted the beetles and their names.

at the course
The golf course has a lot of rolling hills, probably man made.
It is pretty cool, but the sun beats down on you.
The weather has suddenly turned cloudy, I hope it doesn't rain. I don't think either one of them is very good. The golf course gives a feeling of peace and serenity. There is a nice pond with ducks on the 3rd Tee. I am now in the clubhouse waiting to be served a coke
The sky has been getting darker and darker as we have been playing.
all in all it was lots of fun.

walking around the house
The night seems very lonely with only the crickets and peepers to keep it company. Everything is strange and cold. There is only an occasional car passing to break the monotony.
Steven left about half an hour ago and my dad said he might take me golfing sometime.
Cars going around the city, like so many electrons going around a giant atom.
Sunset: pink waves rolling on an invisible beach.

Sometimes I feel very depressed watching tv. I feel hot and uncomfortable nothing to do, nothing to play. I feel lonely and very bored.