November 04, 2006

Monday, November 4, 1974 (private journal)

morning in geography
I was very nervous about my oral geography report. when I went to the front of the room I was very shook up. I started to give my report and kept getting stuck in the middle of sentences.

listening to other reports
I think some reports are funny, but I am mostly bored.

english class
I think the people who serve the food in the cafeteria move like snails.
John Leiner acts crazy because he wants to be accepted by the class.

theol class
I think my teachers are deliberately piling on work because it's the end of the deficiency period.

on my way home
My ride came for me today The person who drives is Mrs. Whittaker she is pretty young blonde, and married she has a son named thomas and thomas has a great-grandmother because everyone in his family got married when they were about fifteen. Mrs. Whittaker is pretty nice and is a good driver. David Berg(?) also rides home with Mrs. Whittaker he is in 7th grade. Today Mrs. Whittaker's nephew is in the car.

just before supper
This is a historic day, this is the second day all year that I have had homework at home all other days I finished before I came home.

evening after supper
I think that tubes of paint have a nice feel, cool, smooth, and beautiful. they are especially nice when they are new. both my black and my white are used but I have an unused yellow. I have found out there isn't much to write about in school, probably because of the routine. Almost all of the writing for today has been done after school