November 05, 2006

Tuesday, November 5, 1974 (private journal)
geography class
This morning the sun wasn't shining and it was gently raining later when I left for school it was raining hard. surprisingly there was no traffic jam on Shirley highway. We were playing with erasers on the chalk tray I was champ. John leiner coughs all the time.

math class
Mr. Bedell told us to read out of our history-geography books which we have not done in a long time. we also took some notes. and we have to look up two words.

reading class
at athletics we played murderball because it was too wet outdoors for lunch I ha chicken noodle soup
I am going to get Biff because he stole half my coke. I
I am thinking about picking a parson for the day and doing a character profile on him.

reading class
I feel pretty bad about my report on don't take today, Mrs. price commented on the groups.
Mrs. Price must be in a good mood. I just got my next book report.
I found out that Mrs. price won't be here and (gulp!!) Mrs. Erkhart will be substituting

Theo. class
I think all my teachers are pretty nice but I also think they try to make you uncomfortable. Borthwick is very stupid-seeming sometimes.

evening at home
I hope I can find a store which sells red ink cartridges for my extra fountain pen.

at the drake's
My dad dropped us off at the drake's house (some friends) because Mr. Drake had his car towed away and they went to get it back. I feel an impending sense of disaster for no reason.
I think there is probably a lot of yelling in this house when we're not here.
I think mrs. Drake is pretty nice but she trys to make a joke out of everything when with company
I sometimes think my sister is an awful brat and she wets her pants when she is 10 years old, which is revolting.