November 20, 2006

Wednesday, November 20, 1974
Geo. Class
My mother overslept again, and made me late for school.
We picked up a girl from ST. Agnes because the Donovan bus didn't show up.
Our class is going to study russian history

When mr. Lichfuss excuses us to athletics it is hectic in the hall.

Reading Class
At recess I got a scare. I was almost accused of throwing acorns for eight demerits.
Harriet the spy
Harriet keeps a notebook in which she writes honest comments on friends teachers and classmates.
Her classmates get hold of it and hated her, then she learns that apology is sometimes better. She says that everything in her notebook is a lie and they forgive her.

I think the class liked my story about The Great Amazon River Race.
Jhon Beebe: the Planet Killer, like report
Win Vining: Peril at Mount Vernon, pretty good, typical mystery.
John Horton: Goal! Hockey documentary, fair to good.
Repetti: unfinished. good to excellent.

Debate: Con Co-Ed
1. It might put St. Agnes out of buisness
2. Have to build new bathroom
3. It would destroy the school spirit
4. boys might not work as well.
5. New classes needed upper school
6. New athletic program including second locker room.

In theo. we have been discussing whether it is justified to kill in certain situations.

Stdy. Prd.
Mr. Marlin is furious today because of what Mike small did.
I think people can sense the intelligence of another person.
This evening I lost my other pen and now I got this one. I think it puts out too much ink. this is why my writing is fuzzy.
My birthday is three days away and I might not get my tape recorder.
I hope I do.
I have a rock collection of almost 140 most of my rocks are away with jenny's science project.