November 17, 2006

Sunday, November 17, 1974
this morning my mom and dad were bickering about who's car should go to the garage. They have been fighting all morning, I think I will get my tape recorder because my dad changes the subject every time I bring it up.
I just got the idea that this afternoon that I might ride my bike into springfield and take notes on people's behavior and how they act. that last phrase may have sounded funny to you but I think theres a difference.

I sometimes analyze what I am thinking, in other words thinking about thinking, then after that I think about thinking about thinking then I realize that this could go on forever and stop.

I think I made a bad mistake today in telling my dad that the mini tape recorder might be a fly-by-night thing. I think that I have him convinced that I really want it again.
I think that a good thing to do to stop inflation would be to pick a very good man and give him total power and he could tell everybody bring down prices the way they were 20 years ago and do the same with wages.

I have been experimenting with spaghetti (raw) and I have found out that when you put it in a flame it becomes flexible but if you hold it too long it will burn, and the ashes are brittle. you can bend it in any shape you want and when it cools it is as solid as ever. think of the sculpture you could make with it! I tried to make a sea scene but I kept making the fish wrong.
I experimented a while longer and found out you can weld two pieces together by touching them together while still soft and burning. I made some pretty weird things with the spaghetti. just think I will walk into art class holding a beautiful sculpture, my art teacher admires it and asks what it is made of, I say "it's made of spaghetti" I think that would be very funny
I have had to add three things to the invitations to my birthday
I don't think my parents will ever be satisfied with them first, I had to put RSVP's on them, then I had to specify what kind of party, and now I have to write a time to call in your RSVP.