November 11, 2006

Monday. November 11, 1974 (private journal)
Geo. Class
Today we are going to the smithsonian
I hope to take notes all the way. I brought five dollars because we are going to eat at Mcdonald's. The classroom is very excited some people brought lunches all the people are talking.
Peter Hallinan had a haircut on friday he looks horrifying now it is starting to grow back.
I found out we are going after geography is over.

We have to walk a long way.
I think they waste a lot of space here.
*Dinosaurs are built like birds.
They use a lot of clay stuff for substitute bones.
I must take a long time to collect all these skeletons.
In prehistoric times most animals looked alike.
They have lots of pictures.
All of the new exibits are interesting because they make use of modern developments and use moving, flashing and changing displays instead of just murals and old bones.
The giant ground sloths look clumsy.
an example of what I mean is they have a movie thing that shows slides.
About the time man emerged horns were in style.
*Glaciers are sometimes 2 miles thick
The burial scene is spooky mainly because of the red lighting.
Almost all of the displays in the second part of our tour are not interesting.

Theo. Class
Now I am back at school most of the second and third parts of our tour were boring the only thing they did was to set up little windows with artifacts with little cards telling what they were. We were going to eat at the little food stand outside but we talked him into going and eating in the cafeteria
I tried to buy a post card at the gift shop but I didn't have a dime and the lady at the counter didn't have change.
I had a hamburger, french fries, and a coke and it cost me $1.26.
We saw lots of interesting things at the smithsonian we saw lots of skeletons of lots of little mammals and reptiles. and at the emergence of man there was the tusk of some animals with carvings on it and there was a movie.
I also saw the skeletons of giant ground sloths, they really impressed me.

Today the 1975 buying guide came and so did some bills. My dad brought me a box of envelopes.
There isn't much to do tonight.
Tomorrow is the last day that Mrs. Whittaker will be taking me home from school. I wish she could still pick me up because my dad has to pick up jenny at st. Agnes and I will come home about 15 minutes later than I do now.
This notebook is running out a lot faster than I thought it would.
We have a cement pond out in the back of our house, we keep goldfish and minnows that we caught at accotink lake with robert's nets this summer.
I like having it and we sail boats in it and catch beetles and float them on wooden blocks. In the winter when it gets cold sometimes the pond freezes over and then I take one of my dad's golf clubs and smash a hole in the ice to feed the fish. Robert has a fish pond to. his isn't quite as good as mine because it has rocks around it and you can't walk all the way around it, but he more than makes up for it by having two little rivers running through his back yard.