November 07, 2006

November 7, 1974
I am now in English class and the heat is off because Mrs. Erkhart has left the room. I think that our book report group did rotten
I now see why nobody wants to have mrs Erkhart she jumps on you for the tiniest little slip she called me up to her desk just because I forgot to indent the beginning of my paragraph on the mark twain story of Edward Mills and George benton.

Thursday, November 7, 1974 (private journal)
Math Class
I am starting to write late today.
I am already in math class.
In geography mr. Bedell gave us two boards full of notes. We also went to chapel. I think our chapel services are getting shorter and shorter.

Reading class
David Hand and Peter Hallinan asked me to join their club it meets after lunch.
I think that the reason I don't have much to write about now is that I have already told you most of my schedule in the beginning.
We have Mrs. Erkhart again today.
I write during Reading class with fear.

English class
I now know why nobody wants Mrs. Erkhart for a teacher or substitute she called me up to her desk because I forgot to indent the beginning of a paragraph.

You Were There
Zipping around the track in that elf super formula 1 was like being hurled like a projectile from an unimaginably large slingshot, track of asphalt coming up to meet you at breakneck speed this was the first ride I had in a real true racing car, The first of many. When all of a sudden the wheel was wrenched from my grasp and the car swerved dangerously close to the gleaming steel ribbon of guardrail luckily I yanked the wheel back at the last minute. After about another 10 minutes I came into the pits and Mr. Strozini came to meet me. He said, " I saw that little accident" it happens to the best of them sometimes"
I later found out that the sheer force of an incline on the wheels can literally turn a car over, I was lucky.

On the way home David Berg, Thomas Whittaker and his mother, and me talked about mistakes made by machines I mentioned about a cake from the pepperidge farm thrift store which had a finger mark where, I suppose, some factory worker got hungry.

Evening at home
This is going to be a bad night my father is in a bad mood not mad but madly irrational he will give us no end of sad storys about poor him has been persecuted no matter what you say he won't change his mind it makes me sick.