November 08, 2006

Friday, November 8, 1974 (private journal)
Geo Class
Today is election day. Everybody is yelling for Katson for treasurer. Mr. Bedell is passing around ballots. We are going to the auditorium to hear speeches.

Auditorium Speeches
Katson will win easy.
On the other hand . . .
Meehan was very funny he had a verti bird helicopter on his head and a tape of glory, glory playing.

Geo. Class
I voted for Katson for treasurer, Marnane for secretary, Meehan for V.P., and Pike for prsident.

I don't see how they can fit 60 people into one bus for the smithsonian trip.

This is my first meeting of david hand's club. It meets right after lunch you pretend that you have to go to the bathroom but you go out of the cafeteria doors and come up to the end of the school.
It's a nice club but it will be too cold in the winter for a meeting.
I snuck into the school and got this notebook

Reading Class
On monday our class is going to the smithsonian.

Theo. class
The thing I am most afraid of is being trapped in an elevator.
I think most people in my class act big because they want to be grown up.

Pep Rally
We are having a pep rally. The whole gym smells like alcohol.

at Resteraunt
Dad is taking us out to dinner because mom has to serve at the 3-4 grade father-son banquet.