November 10, 2006

Sunday, November 10, 1974 (private journal)
Morning 11:30
My mother and I had to go to safeway and get some cat food we got a variety that muffy had never had before, we thought she would eat it because she was so hungry.
I think I might go skating (roller skating) today.

Right now I am supposed to be writing about rocks for my sisters science project. We got the plywood and the hinges at heckinger, I put them together, it was hard work.
I like my rock collection because every year you have a science unit on rocks and I get a magnificent chance to show off.
I am finished writing but it will be a long time before jenny finished copying it.
Today I went to the roller rink but I didn't stay long because I got a blister on my toe.
I can't wait till our school goes to the smithsonian.
I am not sure whether I am going to school tomorrow.