November 09, 2006

Saturday, November 9, 1974 (private journal)
Evening at Home
I have had a busy day today
this morning I went to my art lesson I painted a picture of a mosiac-like design.
I have not written notes because I have been too busy.
When we came home robert came over and we played for about an hour then we went to the fairfax ice arena. I don't know how to ice skate.
On the way there we sat in the way back and held up cans of food like we were on T.V. most people laughed.
When we got there I only went around the rink about 6 or 7 times.
I can roller skate so I knew how to move, but my big problem was standing up straight by balancing on the one blade of the skate
We are having spagitti, I can't wait.

The spagetti was delicious. I gorged myself. I have been watching T.V., Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and Carol Burnett. Now I might go to bed or I might watch a movie. I can't find many good ones mainly because we don't get many uhf channels at our house.
I am really looking forward to our trip to the smithsonian on monday
I don't think it will be as much fun about sixty people are going and there will be too big a crowd.
I have aquired some experience from ice skating today, I think I'll stick to roller skating.
This evening me and jenny made a pile of leaves about seven feet high and took an umbrella and made sort of a cockpit for us to sit in. We had my mother cover us up and we had a neat secret hiding place under the leaves.

My mom just asked me to help jenny with her science project
I decided we would get 3 pieces of plywood and would hinge them together and put a backing on them with posters and slips on highlights of specific rocks on display. I will write more about it tomorrow.