November 13, 2006

Wednesday, November 13, 1974 (private journal)
Geo. Class
This morning I refused to get out of bed and he got so mad so I said that he would pay for it and he said not to threaten him.
Fireworks are banned in our state after last July 4th so I ordered 100 smoke bombs, I think I will make money because I figured out that they cost me 7¢ apeice and so I will sell them for 10¢.
Today we are playing hollywood squares.

Math Class
Like I was saying. yesterday people bring the craziest things to school, today Katson brought a James bond 007 code-o-matic thing.

Club meeting
Me, hallinan, and hand got an office trip at athletics but I think we will get off the hook if they forget us. It is pretty cold.

Reading Class
I think it is risky being in this club. when the fifth graders came back from lunch me and labow hid behind the wheel of the school bus.
we have lots of poster in our room, I will tell you what I think of some of them. there is a picture of a tiger that I like. We have all the animals, the tiger, a leaping horse, a polar bear shuffling along, a wistful lion, the monster gork, a panda pulling down a bamboo shoot, and a panting wolf. I think I like them best. We also have sports pictures I don't like them very much.

English Class
Mr. Stone broke his hand in a fight with mr. Bedell, everybody signed it I am going to draw a fire breathing frog and my trademark (logo here).

on the way home
I think I might invite everybody in my class to my birthday and then have another one with only my friends attending.