November 12, 2006

November 12, 1974
A funny Story
Once upon a time I was walking along the sidewalk when all at once a stupid yellow billed grouse ran smack into me I couldn't see and I stumbled over a ladybug I fell right in the path of a fast moving automobile, splat! when I got out of the hospital about ten minutes later ( I only broke every bone in my body) I went straight home to my apartment on the 372nd floor of the charles E. Hobnob building. (being very careful not to trip over any more ladybugs). I went across the lobby and over to the elevator I pressed the up button and waited for the doors to open without thinking I walked in and found out that the doors open just a little before the elevator comes. I fell. The elevator was right behind me and gaining. Bump, Bump, bump it went on my head when I hit the bottom I stopped but the elevator didn't, squish!, I guess this isn't my day, I thought.
I finally made it to my apartment where only more troubles faced me
I saw a blue dog something like a beagle sitting in my best chair, It had wings, a mouse's tail, and webbed feet.
It also had twenty or thirty puppies all around the room, two in my fish tank diving after my prize winning angora goldfish, five or six stuck in the blinds, and all the rest flying around the room.
I evicted all of them and swept up the mess they made.
Then I decided I needed a rest so I unfolded my bed out of the wall and lay down, snap! suddenly It got very dark "Hmmm." I said I need a vacation . . .