November 16, 2006

Saturday, November 16, 1974 (private journal)
I went to my art lesson today with only a pop-tart and a glass of orange juice.
just now me, peter Hallinan and Robert Merrill came back from the woods because my sister and Debbie Smallwood were chasing us.
We were playing hide and seek but we got bored and came home.

Me, peter, and robbie got an offer from my mother to rake leaves and put them in bags for 10ยข each.
We are going to farrels for dinner. I hope it isn't crowded/
Peter is friendly, but he is pretty shy.

at Farrel's
There wasn't any line, we were lucky.
There is a lot of noise in this place.
I am going to get a hot fudge nutty-nutty.
We really loused things up because the drakes were supposed to come to our house yesterday but I had the father-son banquet so we scheduled it for tonight and here we are at farrell's.

When we left we went straight to peter's house and mrs. Hallinan invited us in for "just a minute", It turned out to be an hour.
I was wondering why peter is so childish, I found out he was only ten years old.
I think my mom is dumb because she stays up very late every night.