November 15, 2006

Friday, November 15, 1974 (private journal)
Morning Before School
I didn't sleep very well last night
I was all excited about my birthday.
I am trying to do everything possible for my mom in hopes of getting that mini tape recorder.

Geography Class
In geography- study period we passed out books on culture, the prehistoric men, and other things. I got a book called Nomads of the World. I read the part about people who live in houseboats and fish most of the time. In the front of the book there was a picture of some camels, I never knew they looked like they were about to zoom into the sky.

English Class
I have to be pretty careful of office trips because I already have two and one more will mean suspension.

Tonight is the father-son banquet at my school I am going to get a haircut and then go. I am supposed to meet gordon and peter by the coke machine.