November 14, 2006

Thursday, November 14, 1974 (private journal)
Mass is the amount of matter in an object. Weight is the measure of the force of gravity on an object. if you had the same amount of matter of two different substances they would weigh different Why??

Math Class
My birthday is in 9 days I hope I can get a mini tape recorder.
We went to chapel this morning.
Mrs. Erkhart is substituting math I guess this isn't our lucky quarter.

Reading Class
I thought at lunch that I do almost the same thing every day I have to make a praycy book report I am going to use Harriet the Spy

English Class
The Great Amazon River Race (see December 29 for full length)
By the side of the might amazon the long, low pier wound. The fifty daring racers in their designated pit spaces reving and tuning their motors. In exactly two hours they would be lined up at the starting bouies ready for the flag to drop marking the beginning of their journey covering most of the amazon's length.
Tony Purcell strode along the docks contemplating the competition.
The waters were fairly calm and the grayish waters lapping against the zebra-striped bank. He looked up the sun made him squint, it was stiff competition he thought. When it was ten minutes until the race started the tension started building.
Then the flag came down, in a roar and a cloud of spray the racers opened their throttles and their propellers dug into the water, they whized away.
The racers encountered many hazards and only about 17 of them returned unharmed and a dozen were picked up by the search helicopters but the rest were never found.

I think that I might try to make a short book out of my story.
I think I will probably get the mini tape recorder. It will be very useful.
I don't have any really serious hobbies
I collect rocks and business cards, and I also paint. I have had my rock collection for almost three years.
I think that this is my most serious occupation, as for business cards I pick them up when I can.