November 18, 2006

Monday, November 18, 1974
Math Class
today I brought a spaghetti bird to mr bedell, he thought it was funny.
I made it last night. It was very frustrating because it kept breaking.
we were going to start studying greece and rome but we were outvoted in favor of mapping journeys and telling what we saw.
we are now playing Battle ship.

Reading Class
I must have taken a long time eating lunch because when I got to our club all the people were already there. also today's meeting was the shortest one ever.
I learned a new magic trick today you put a coin on the tips of your thumb and index finger under the wrist of your other hand and take your other hand and snap your fingers so that your middle finger snaps the coin into your sleeve. If you do it fast enough it will look like it just disappeared into thin air.

Theo. Class
For english we have to write a four page story on a picture out of a magazine, it will be easy for me I am going to be a writer, I finished half of it in english class.
I think it is stupid to start decorating for christmas when thanksgiving is the closest holiday.
My story for english is going to be a elongation of The Great Amazon River Race.

Stdy. Prd.
I just got bawled out by mr. Babyack for my office trip and got my slip to be signed.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it was to tell my dad I had an office trip.
I have been making christmas ornaments out of spaghetti. I think they are pretty especially if you put glue and glitter on them
I made a star of david and a christmas tree.
Ever since the magic show at the father, son banquet interest has been aroused in magic.
I think that spaghetti welding is totally fascinating this evening I made a peace sign and a six point star.
I think that people do some of the stupidest things, have you ever walked to someone and go to the side so you won't hit them and they move to the side, and then you move to the other side and they move to the other side, and you move and they move and so on and so on and so on . . . . . .
My sister is a real brat.
All she ever does is cause trouble.