November 25, 2006

Monday, November 25, 1974
Today I am staying home from school
I got up at about 8:30 and at 9:00 I called my dad. He is going to take me out to lunch.
Today one of the ammorillus buds is almost in full bloom. It is beautiful.
I am now either going to start my homework, or try to play the inventors with myself.
My dad and I are going to the Caravelle to have lunch. I am wearing a coat and tie. I am always embarassed when I am home from school and I go out of the house because none of the other kids are out of school.
We are going to have lamb because it is today's special.

Now I am coming back from La Caravelle the lamb was good but I was nervous because of my manners. The place is very elegant.

The sky has been gray all day long.
It has just now started to rain. now it's pouring outside. I've been home alone most of the day. I am glad that I stayed home today.
I made a model of the U.S.S. Washington.

I am now watching a show about monsters. It's called Monsters: Mysterys or Myths?
I wish I didn't have any homework tonight. We have almost seven pages of math, and on top of that two pages of english.
I wonder what Davey is going to get me for my birthday? I hope he didn't forget it.
Beside my rock collection I also have a file box full of buisness cards .
I have a pretty sizable collection.
The show about monsters was very good and it showed lots of pictures.
Now I have finished my homework, It was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Last summer me and robert went to Acotink Lake and we caught minnows. We also caught some baby eels and baby bluegill. We also managed to get a foot long catfish. and two full-grown bluegill. We also almost got a big carp that spilled over the dam. We caught quite a lot. We saw a kid who had an almost three foot long carp.
We put the catfish in robert's pond and I got the two bluegills. We evened out the minnows between us.