November 24, 2006

Saturday, November 23, 1974
Today is my birthday.
I have a big party planned.
I have invited eight people and we are going to have a weenie roast, we are going to play grabit, and we are going to eat hot dogs, baked beans, potato chips, and cupcakes and Royal Crown cola.
I am very excited, I wonder what I will get?
My mother has been mad all morning, she always is before a party. I am glad she left for the hairdressers.

now my party is over I am very depressed, I didn't like any of my presents except a color me national zoo posters, and a set of magic markers. I think the party was a complete flop. Among the other presents I got there was a all american red, white, and blue am radio, a set of speedball ink tips, which I don't have any ink for, two magic tricks from gordon lebow, a model ship from billy Bavin, some flourescent paints, and the Inventors game from robert bodner. And I also got anther cassette tape from my sister.
I lost the cassette.
I have one consolation, I get to take Robert Merrill, and Steven Tyler out to dinner on my birthday.
There isn't anything on T.V.
I think I will go read a book.
I guess part of the reason for me being depressed is because I am tired.
This morning I skipped my art lesson because I stayed up so late last night.
I can't wait until mannix and Kojak are on.
My room is messy clothes lying on the blue carpet, hundreds of small objects of all kinds strewn about on the top of my six-drawer oak dresser.
My room is modeled around ships, not that I like ships, but some designers thought it would be a good idea. My mirror is in a frame shaped like a ship's wheel, and my lampshade has a ship on it.

My sister is a selfish brat, all she has to do is turn on the tears and she gets full support from my dad. Tonight she wanted to color my poster and I said she couldn't, she kept hounding me and finally she said I couldn't use her markers and when I didn't stop she went to my dad, he said for her to let me use them. then she started crying and went to her room. Then my dad called me into his bedroom and yelled at me, I said that whenever jenny cries he always falls for it, and then he yelled at me some more. As soon as I had gone to my dad jenny saw her opportunity and stopped crying and went out and took all of her markers. I went out into the dining room and found out that she had taken them and immediately started to look for something to throw at her, I was looking on the coffee table when she walked out and made some snotty remarks. I grabbed the closest thing (a copy of Harriet the Spy) and threw it at her. It made a big welt on her butt.
She cried hard. It didn't hurt her that much but she made it sound that way.
My dad got after me instead of her.
My dad isn't very fair. My sister is spoiled rotten.