November 24, 2006

Sunday, November 24, 1974
Today when I got up I went into jenny's room and stole back the magic markers. I went out and worked on the poster some more.
Then when jenny got up we played the inventors game.
Later I played with my tape recorder and my radio.

When I was coloring my poster my dad said to meet him in the bedroom. he talked for a while and suddenly I felt very tired I layed in my bed for fifteen minutes and then I got up and got all comfortable on the couch downstairs and I am watching the football game with her.
I think I would like to learn to use my new speedball set.
My mom is now mending holes in my blanket.

Once upon a time there was a boy named George. He was a cheerful boy and he usually wore a smile, but not today. He had just come back from school. This is a stupid story.
I am mad at my teachers they gave us homework on the weekend
I have to do a map and we have to do our B.B.R.
This evening I am frustrated. I think it's because my parents don't pay enough attention to me. It also may be because I am exhausted. I was so distracted and nervous that I couldn't sit down and do my homework. I am going to stay home from school tomorrow. I think I need a day off.
I like my new radio.
Tonight I told my dad that I thought I could get straight "A"'s if I really tried.
I think my dad doesn't get rid of habits easily, and I don't mean just bad ones! He always sleeps in his underwear, which he probably picked up while he was in the Air Force.
And also he always prints in capital letters, which I also think he picked up in the Air Force, from filling out forms and papers.
I think my speedball set will come in handy for drawing too.
When I think of what I will be when I grow up I think of lots of things I would like to do, then it dawns on me that I am smart enough so that I can be anything I want to learn to be. By now!

Late Evening
Our ammorillus started blooming about a week ago.
Gordon Labow gave me two magic tricks for my birthday one was the old dissapearing ball in a cone and the other was the mystery of the spiked coin.
the effect was that you showed everybody a solid coin, eight solid plastic spikes and a small round box, then you place the coin in the box and you close the lid and you then put in all eight spikes and they go all the way through the box and then you pull all of them out and when you pen the box, there is the coin, still solid as ever then you let everybody inspect everything again.
It is a very good trick the secret is that you put in the first one in a certain hole and it tips the coin on end, then you put all the other spikes in and so on.

I think I have gotten so I can draw Mr. Bedell pretty well.
I am up too late right now but I don't get tired at night for some reason
I don't see why they don't shape spaceships into balls. a ball has much more room inside for the amount of surface area outside.
The mule on my mule pad is cute.