November 21, 2006

Thursday, November 21, 1974
Geo. Class
Today I found out that Horton got the exact same kind of pen as I have.
Borthwick is very slow and monotonous. That makes him seem stupid. He also wears the same coat every day. I hope that the world doesn't kill itself in my life.

Today we had a bishop from Tanzania come and talk to us. He was hard to understand because of his heavy accent.
I think Mr. Lichfuss has no sense of humor.

right now I am very hot because at recess we had a big free-for-all, everyone was running.
Today our class is very boring, we are working on our B.B.R.

It is very hard to get any group organization in this class.

This evening I got my mini-tape recorder. Jenny got me a couple of tapes to go with it.
The first thing I will do with it is record the debate for english class.
This evening I found a great hiding place for things, I my heater duct. you lift off the cover and put whatever you want to hide in the pipe.
I think my mom would blow her stack if she didn't give consent to us to get my tape recorder.
My dad said she did.