November 27, 2006

Wednesday, November 27, 1974
Geo. Class
We just finished a quiz in geo., I did rotten, mainly because I didn't copy the notes from the day I was absent
I think Bobby Curtis is a big fat bully. He is also a selfish brat, I think he and my sister would make a great pair. And one thing really burns me up, when the teacher is looking, he always pretends to be a little angel then when the teacher turns his head away he takes a pencil or a ruler and hits people on their heads.

We are going to have a fire drill in about two minutes.
It is very cold outside but I don't mind.
There are people who might want to read this journal.

Reading Class
At athletics I had lots of fun. we made a tunnel under one of the porta-pits and between two rolled up wrestling mats. It was very dark inside. sometimes when people were on top of the porta-pit it was a tight squeeze. we kept going through and around and through again
Today Mrs price is in a good mood. I drew pictures to match all our spelling words.

we are getting the junior deacon today.
I just got a slip from mrs. claybrook saying that some man will come at 1:45, It probably is my father.

Theo. Class
Today we are discussing what we think of von Danken's "Chariot of the Gods"
I don't really believe it.

Study period
I am glad we are having a four day weekend, I need a vacation.
I can't wait to get home.
Mr. Marlin is in a very good mood today, so was almost all our other teachers, probably because of the weekend.
I feel pretty tired.
I think I will write a story this weekend for the Junior Deacon (the lower school newspaper.
before and after study hall I bet Mr. Marlin is a pretty nice guy.

I don't see robbie much anymore.
I like my wristbands a lot.
Tonight I am going to record the songs from godspell. It is on T.V. tonight.
It now gets dark at about 5:30 in the evening, I consider evening after dark or dusk.

Tonight my dad ruined my evening
Sometimes he is so thickheaded that it makes me sick.
I think godspell was not very good.
I think it was more like a big hippy freak-out than the story of the gospel. My dad didn't like it very well either. he said that people have no understanding of the bible unless they are over 30. And he also said that the movie was a stupid, evil show and that we should not have watched it. I think it was pretty boring and it turned out that I almost fell asleep. besides all those bad things it didn't have any of the good songs except day by day. So thats what I think of the movie Godspell.
This evening I also watched the children's after school special Called The Toothpaste Millionaire about a boy who wants to buy a tube of toothpaste and thinks that 79¢ is way too much so he starts a toothpaste buisness in which he makes his own toothpaste and puts it into baby food jars and then buys some aluminum tubes. He appears on television and actually takes 10¢ off the price of regular brand-name toothpaste. eventually he finds out that he broke some laws and has to stop making toothpaste.