January 24, 2007

Friday, January 24, 1975
today I had a very hard time getting up.
I think I did pretty well on my theo. exam when I got home I thought I was going to go to bed and to sleep but I got in bed for a while and I wasn't tired anymore. I had two bowls of cheerios to make up for the breakfast I didn't have.

from the time my dad left I have been playing around. I found my squirt bottle and I squirted my dad before he left. I have been having a lot of fun with it. I think I will go and melt a hole in the ice outside on the fish pond.

My dad, jenny and me just went to the mall to get a birthday present for Diane Polizzi, one of jenny's classmates, and Mr. Mross down the street, my parents are going to his house tonight. at the mall we walked around a lot and I bought a five subject note-book and the best purchase I have made in quite a while- a no-nonsense fountain pen for John horton. boy will he be surprised when I give it to him tomorrow. I may use the five subject notebook for my next Journal. I wish I had a small ring binder that I could fit one notebook in and had a thick cardboard covers so I could have a hard surface to write on whenever I want to.

this evening Cindy and Janet Nolan came over to play. I was trying to build a card house but I got discouraged.

not much has happened this evening.
with the new schedule on tv. there isn't anything good on on friday night.
today I made myself a worrystone out of talc. since it is the softest mineral known it is very easy to carve and shape.

this evening I have started drawing another masterpiece of a delg [sic?] looking over a cliff at the ocean with a mean bear crouching in a nearby cave waiting for him I can't wait for tomorrow so I can give the pen to John Horton. he will be very surprised. My mom says that she likes my new drawing better than my old ones. I kind of do too.
For some reason I loaded my tape recorder so I could record.