January 14, 2007

Tuesday, January 14, 1975
Geo. Class
this morning I had a very hard time getting up because I went to bed at one o'clock this morning. I was very mad at my mom and dad because my mom woke me up and yelled at me.
she kept on at me until I finally got up and yelled at her. I got to school late because my dad practically forced me to drink a glass of milk. I cried a whole lot and I am going to make him sorry for it. I am going to be mean to him all day long. I planted it in him this morning and I bet he will ask me to call him and when I do he will apologize.

Math Class
I am very tired. today when john leiner brought a low plad hat that looked like an engineer's only lower. I hope I pass my math exam. I wish it had snowed more so I didn't have to go to school.

Reading Class
today at lunch reppetti asked me if I could get him an ice cube. he said he would give me his doughnut if I went and asked for an ice cube. he thought that it was very funny, and I didn't see that it would hurt any if I went and asked. I asked and reppetti laughed and laughed when the guy who sells milk to people who don't but there lunch at school waved me back to my seat and said, "get out of here."
we are still doing oral book reports, surprisingly mainly because some of the people ramble on and on. there was ice all over the benches at recess and people with lunch boxes slid them along the long bench and played smash up derby. I only stayed out a short time.
I wish I could get a copy of a mad issue that has all the mini posters in it. I the beginning of reading class I drew this on the board:
another thing we put on the board is: English Homework Drop Dead!
mr. Babyak just came in to give us a lecture on how to take exams. he told us to take all our time getting ready for our exams so we will be prepared.
My exam schedule is: Math, English, Geo., Theo., reading.

10:45 p.m.
today after school my mom took me and my sister to the mall. first, we went to J.C. Penny and returned my mom's blue slippers at the shoe department because the seam always hurt when you wore them. I have always thought small toddler's shoes were cute and today I got the idea I might want to make a collection of them. we left there and went to walden book store to return two books. because one I had already read and the other had a defect.
I got two new books, one entitled, "How it Works", and the other, "The Nightbird of Nantucket." after that we went to people's drug store to get some cotton balls for my mom's school project.
we had a piece of pizza at the orange bowl and I took some straws to stock up at home. this evening I had to go to bed at 9:30 But I couldn't get to sleep for some reason. I hope I get to sleep before twelve.
I feel guilty for not studying for my exam.