January 10, 2007

Friday, January 10, 1975
I am going to get a bad geo. grade because I didn't get my homework questions.
mr. Bedell has some new glasses with heavy black frames. I am dying to draw a woody to depict the change.
we had a spelling test today and I drew a beautiful picture of a copy from mad's don martin. on my spelling test paper. we got our book orders today and I ordered a few books.
John horton was at school today, he and I ate lunch together. we are doing more oral book reports today.
not much has happened today.
today was my sister's birthday. I am full of anticipation of tomorrow, when jenny is going to have nine other girls for a party. we are going to the roller rink and we are going to have cake, ice cream, and open presents when we get back. she is going to have a girl over to spend the night. so you see I am going to have a lot of fun tomorrow. I am going to bother the girls at the roller rink, and I expect almost none of the girls can roller skate very well because most of them are snobs and probably never even thought of roller skating, they will all be demolished by the crowd of people at the roller rink.
I am twelve but I still do admire some people on tv. Kolchak: the night stalker, the six million dollar man, sort of, and oscar goldman. many times I like to pretend to be karl kolchak and when I have my glasses on I feel like oscar goldman.
we live right near a big shopping center called the springfield mall. it has lots of stores all under one roof. some of the interesting places are:
Collectors Cabinet- rocks, sea shells, butterflies, etc.
Hong kong- imports, smells strangly of incense
Spencer Gifts- unusual gifts, novelties, also smells
Magic Hat- magic supplies, gives lessons
Orange Bowl-pizzaria, makes over $2500.00 a day
It strikes me as funny that most of the small stores would never have a chance in an open shopping center because no one would bother to go in. Here are some more:
Plant Place, sells house plants
Georgetown leather boutique, specializes in leather hats, boots, handbags, jackets, etc.
Needle in a haystack- records-tapes
The Time Out tunnel- machines games, electric tennis etc. mirrors in back give tunnel effect.
there is always some exibit in the central square of the mall