January 08, 2007

1/8/75 (school journal)
I am writing this to fill up this notebook. peter hallinan gave me a book called stamp and stories for my birthday, very late I got a christmas card to katson.

Wednesday, January 8, 1975
Geo. Class
today I made it to school on time. when I grow up I think I would like to own a honda car. we still have to see the second part of our filmstrip on the russian revolution.
I usually don't do my geo. homework because it doesn't seem as urgent as my other homework. we took some notes today, a whole blackboard full and then he had to finish on another board and after that he erased the first part (everybody had finished that part by then) and wrote some more.

Reading Class
I am nervous because I am going to do my oral book report. I have it down pay but I will probably mess it up. I always get tongue tied when I speak publicly.
I think I did pretty well but I faltered only once or twice. most of the other reports I think are better than mine. well at least, from the spectator's point of view. Borthwick is doing some book about lassie.
I can draw pretty well.

english class
mr. stone is a pretty nice guy, but he hands out demerits right and left. they usually don't stick, though. he just gave me a demerit for being out of my seat when he never said I couldn't get up.
Theo. Class
I am going to have my math test in study period so I am glad I have already done all my homework.
I hope I get a better grade than I got the first time. I think I will have to do my report tomorrow, I was right.

after school
I am now home and I hope I can figure out how to do a problem I don't understand. I have one more problem.
I don't know how to do this problem: 4.5รท100. well, I didn't figure it out but now I know how to do it because my dad told me how. by my dad's count I got a seventy on this test. it may not be too good but it's an awful lot better than a forty, like I got on my last test.
I have my desk all filled up now.
I am making a small collection of things that are very dear to me.
so far I have my good luck charm, a moonstone, davey's picture, and a piece of iron which I used sandpaper on in circles to make a changing effect.
I call it my "memory block" because you can see anything you want in it, using your imagination.