December 30, 2006

Monday, December 30, 1974
Cindy, on of my sister's friends spent the night last night. she is younger than my sister but my sister gets along with Cindy because she's about the same mental age. Cindy is short, thin, and has yellow hair. her normal expression is one of friendship but she has a quick temper and a sense of humor, quite a combination I'd say!

my family is going to get me an I.D. card today so I will be able to get into the commisary with my mother.
I don't know why animal hair is so much softer than human hair.
my sister is a selfish brat. I'm saying that because she's just on the average a brat. my sister is trying to cook breakfast for my mother.
my mother has been grumpy all morning. I don't know when the smoke bombs are going to come. I ordered one hundred almost four months ago.
I think I will write to the company.
we got all our mail today from the post office. I got a christmas card from Davey feroe and it has a picture inside.
Davey has grown longer hair since last time I saw him. as you can see his hair is fairly long and if you imagine a girl's face in his hair it would look possible.
I bet by the time next summer is over I will be the best ping pong player anywhere around here.
me and my dad just finished putting together the ping pong table chasis. we can't do any more because we would have to lift the table onto the chasis and me and my dad don't have a prayer of doing that alone.
most of today has been boring.
I wish robert would have called.
I just found a poster of a polar bear.
I will hang it on my wall.
I only have seven days until my vacation is over, and my report is due. I dread having to do it.
this evening my mother came up to me and started tickling me. I wanted her and my dad to be sorry for me so I hit her in the nose with the spine of my paperback.