December 20, 2006

Friday, December 20, 1974

before school
today my cold is worse than it was yesterday
I would like to stay home but I don't want to miss the party or our geo. filmstrip

Geo. Class
right now I am watching a filmstrip about russia. I think it is very boring.
Meehan and pike are putting on a skit. today I am going to watch it.

Reading Class
today I don't feel so good because I helped Mr. Davison down in the music room. when I finished I had six tootsie rolls. I found out that our class was in math class when I got to math class we were in the middle of a test. now I am in trouble. I will have to do the test over when I have time.
I hope mr. lichfuss doesn't take off my grade for it.
while I was down in the music room we first moved the tables that were there to the gym. then we spent about ten more minutes putting batterys in electric candles. they look real neat when you turn them on.

english class
all the teachers got presents but I didn't remember to get them. I really wanted to give mr. Bedell a present so I gave him a makeshift christmas card using my big animal wildlife stickers. he liked it.

now I am in theo. class we are having a big party. it is a lot of fun.
everybody got up on his chair and saluted we had lots of fun

tonight my mother, me and my sister went to J.C. penny to get my grandmother's sweater then we went to Mc Donalds and when we stopped a miraculous thing happened, my dad drove in at the exact same time.
we got dinner together and we came home.
we have a whole lot of packing to do for our trip to massachusetts, the house is in an uproar.
I am going to pack my red white and blue carpet bag.
tonight I brought Robert's present to him. he was going to get my present tonight so I won't get it until we come back or else unless he gets it tonight and comes over very early.

tonight my dad said he would give me and jenny a surprise. It turned out that it was a ping-pong set, a net, some balls, paddles, and instructions, everything but the table. then he said that the big box on the patio was a ping pong table. we were overjoyed.
robert brought over his present and said that I might be able to use it in massachusetts. I hope my mother and dad let me open it before we go, well, we're off to massachusetts tomorrow.