December 19, 2006

Thursday, December 19, 1974

Geo. Class
I am going to have to give horton his dollar back.

Math Class
now I am in math class. I hope the day goes fast.
I just came back from chapel, it was the same as usual.
I hope I do better on the second math test than I did on the first.
I can't wait for christmas.

Math Class
I think there must be something radically wrong with the way people raise their kids today. most of the kids and teenagers I know or have seen are spoiled bullying brats who think they are big shots, but they are dumb. I have heard that Dr. Spock takes full blame because his system was wrong and hundreds of people raised their children according to his books. Anyway, I think most of them will grow out of it, lucily.

Reading Class
today at recess I saw Meter do a trick that was very daring, but I don't think it was as dangerous as it looks. He went out along the railing until he was about ten feet above the stone stairway and put one foot on the other side of the three foot wide chasm. then he put the other foot across and went to the other side. and then he went back again.
today our book orders came.

Theo. Class
Now I am in theo., mr. bedell hopes to finish animal farm this period. then we will watch the filmstrip tomorrow, first period.

today in english period we had a test. I think I did pretty good.
tonight I got a no nonsense fiber tip pen here is a sample: how do you like it?
I think this is almost the same as my fountain pen. now I have all the no-nonsense pens, so I have a set.
I am worried that I won't be able to find ink cartrides to fit my fiber tip so I won't write with it. I am surprised at how little difference there is between the two.
Yesterday Mr. Luther gave us a bag of big apples and a gallon of apple cider. I think it was very nice of him.
We are getting christmas cards all the time now. I am sorry we won't be here for christmas.

I am now watching the swearing in of the vice president. this is the first time both the president and vice president weren’t elected by the people.
this is only the vice president being sworn in.
I think most political speeches are dull, the same old thing over and over again.
I can't wait to go to my nana's house.
I will probably write almost three of four pages the first three of four day on the trip and at her house.