December 17, 2006

Tuesday, December 17, 1974
Geo. Class
today my mother got me up at eight o'clock, lucily I got to school before I was late.
Mr. Bedell is reading us a book called "Animal Farm" it is a pretty good book which is supposed to correspond with the russian revolution.

today in reading we decided to go into SRA cards and we went over the record book.

today mr. Stone isn't in a very good mood at all I hope he gets better the rest of the week.
I don't think he will because he is as restless as we are to get out for the christmas holidays.

Theo. Class
today athletics was the same as usual, dull
I am not looking ahead to wrestling as I used to.
at recess me and three or four other people were playing a game with other people where you run along the benches and the low brick wall that is on the new patio.

I have taken up crochet when I can.
tonight my mother and my sister went to a pta meeting at the school my mother teaches at and I am looking forward to an evening of shopping for christmas presents in the mall alone with my dad.
I am surprised at how fast I can crochet when I put my mind to it.
right now I am watching Hogan's Heroes they put on the same show twice in the past two weeks.
lately Mike Small and John Metcalf have been bothering me and John horton by trying to steal our bookbags because they wouldn't dare fight me or him.

before bed
at the mall me and my dad never even went up to the second floor. I got three christmas presents: I got my mother a thimble, a package of assorted needles, and three spools of thread. I got my nana a bag of lime scented soap shaped like limes. And I got my cousin Jeb a magic trick called "cut and restored rope". I also have a few ideas for my dad's present. this christmas I don't have nearly as much money as I had last christmas when I got my mother a big eleven-dollar mixing bowl.
I think I could have picked a better trick for Jeb (short for James Edward Bitzer) you can only do the trick I got him three or four times
I have stayed up late tonight reading "the silver chair". now that peter and susan and edmund and lucy are out of the story completely it has gotten sad because I don't know many of the characters and the two in this story don't have any power like the others did.