December 07, 2006

Saturday, December 7, 1974 (private journal)
Today I decided not to go to my art lesson because I didn't want to.
Most of the morning I was bored until robert came. Robert brought the tube from his metal detector, which is smaller than mine and also brought some tacks because they just fit into his tube and he could shoot it so that from 20 feet he can drive a tack into the plaster walls of our house.
we played with our blowguns most of the time robert was here, once I almost caught a squirrel in the head while he was climbing a tree.
we also shot at fish in our fishpond out back but we always used my blowgun because the magic markers it shoots float. we shot at a tin can set up on a tripod from my front porch.
my mother and sister have been gone most of the day.

when my sister came home she gave me a black light bulb for robert's lamp he made at school I wrapped it and put a bow and a christmas tag. I think he will like it.
today me, robert, and my dad went to radio shack because my tape recorder wouldn't work. It turned out it needed new batterys while we were there we saw a ball thing that told your fortune and it was very mysterious because it wouldn't work unless you put on this flashy ring which has a magnet concealed in the base which activated the ball.