December 06, 2006

Friday, December 6, 1974 (private journal)
today Mr. Bedell isnt at school they say that he had the flu and had a bad reaction to his medicine and is in the Hospital.
At athletics we ran relay races and in one of them I had to give a guy a piggy back ride across the gym, we couldn't wrestle because Mr. Bedell is gone. we also did wheelbarrow race, a crab walk, and a backwards race.
All the people in my class liked my picture show with the alligator.
I am making a new one where a stick person builds a machine and the machine makes woodpeckers when he turns it on.
at lunch I sat in my usual place at the head of the table.
I am glad that the table head didn't want to sit there.

I just finished watching the advent program it was pretty good more about it later

in library
I am now in the new library, it is very roomy but it still doesn't have as many books as springfield estates. it has a couple of big windows too.

in the car
tonight we are going to eat at a new resteraunt it's called smorgasbord, we're going to lie about my age because if you are over 12 they consider you and "adult" and you pay $3.50 for all the food you can eat.

at smorgasbord
now I am at smorgasbord it is a pretty nice place, it would be very economical if you were very hungry. they don't have much of a selection but you can eat all you want. the food is good, well at least the salad is. I think I will get their special for tonight, roast beef. I was hoping that they would have something exotic like crab. I am surprised because I pictured this place to be dimly lighted and very elegant with a chandeleir. and the food would be served on a wooden cabinet.

I wish I didn't have to go to my art lesson tomorrow.
I am now doing some exercises before I go to bed and I am trying not to munch on cookies and crackers while I watch T.V. I think the flexibility exercises are doing at school are doing some good now I can sit on my knees and lay back on the floor.