December 04, 2006

Wednesday, December 4, 1974 (private journal)
I dread going to demerit hall.
for theology I have to write about 4 pages on a religion, I am going to do Confucianism.

I am looking forward to wrestling.
I had fun at athletics and at recess me and Hesse played cops and robbers again.

Reading Class
I never buy any books on a book order because I just don't bother.
I just can't beleive how many books Peter Hallinan reads, in our reading file he has a stack of file cards an inch high.

Study prd.
I don't know what I will do at demerit hall, I know that I can't do my homework and I didn't get any work from my teachers.
I finished all my homework so none can accuse me of doing it.

The ballad of Mr. Stone
Mr. Stone down the hall,
if you listen hear him bawl,
be quiet or I'll smash you all!
Look, look what a sight!,
Stone's coming down the hall so fast it looks
like he's in flight!
No time to run, we'll have to fight . . . . . .
Stab him with a pen, he's down!, oh, no
he's up again!
Mr. Stone was finally slew,
for someone knew just what to do,
he got a mirror for he knew,
what Stone would see is icky goo,
the battle tied 'cause we did too.

demerit hall wasn't too bad
I managed to do three units of a sixth grade workbook. in one of the units I got to draw a picture.