December 02, 2006

December 2, 1974 (school journal)
Stone's bones
One routing day Mr. Stone walked into his sixth grade classroom. He eyed his glaring pupils, sizing up the day's competition. He walked up to his class, crouched down to inspect the legs for stability when wham, someone booted him from behind. Stone got up from the floor and looked around.
He decided that he wouldn't catch the culprit and sat down, crash!! whoops! forgot to check my chair thought Stone. When he finished getting a new chair his pupils had time to smash his desk to bits. He sat down and Zip!! a nice new arrow from the Mr. Muscle Makes sporting goods shop bounced of his bullet proof vest.
Stone managed to survive the day.
that evening he was walking down his street when he saw a car coming toward him he ran to the nearest phone booth and called the police

Monday, December 2, 1974 (private journal)
today we have an old substitute. she seems o.k. we are supposed to write a report on a National Geographic.

Math Class
I didn't manage to write my report because I found out that the article I picked up was about twenty pages long.
we are going to start in our second math book tomorrow.
we got our test results today from November 27 (I didn't write about it.) I did rotten, I got an 68 when I knew everything on it, they were all just careless mistakes.
Jim Croswell thinks I should turn this in to Mr. Stone for my english journal.

Reading Class
recess is the most fun time of the day. today George Hesse, Billy Bavin, and I were playing cops and robbers.
I kept chasing them and putting them in "jail", just to have them escape.
today when I came into the room all our posters were unstuck off the wall and one was ripped. there were lots of things, wind, temp. changes, but I think it was the 7th grade.

today we are supposed to write in our journals the whole period.
I can't think of anything to write.

our substitute is pretty nice. I think all old teachers are pretty much the same: crabby.
This one is not nearly as bad as Erkhart. She was pleased with my drawing of a church at the extra space at the bottom.

Tonight I finally gave my dad what he had been waiting for, I read the third page of November 23.
Now it is time for me to go to bed but I don't want to.
I didn't watch Rhoda tonight. instead I talked to my dad
I think we are slowly coming together but he has a long way to go.
I really think I should have a more specific time indicator for this book.
tonight I made a blowgun out of the metal tube from my metal detector, It shoots marbles with great force. I may go bean some birds tomorrow.
Sometimes I think, when I'm in college I take this notebook out of a dusty trunk and read it and think back and remember the good times I've had.
In case there's any doubt: I'm 12