December 01, 2006

Sunday, December 1, 1974

Today I have to write my book report.
This morning I had a good breakfast, bacon and eggs. After that I decided to go to the roller rink. I stayed there until four o'clock.
The weather has been perfectly awful all day. This morning me and jenny bundled up and went outside we found out that one section of our back fence had been blown out. I had fun at the roller rink.

I can't figure out what makes teen-agers do some of the things they do, while I was at the roller rink I saw two people push down other people for no reason. I also overheard a couple of teen-agers say to each other: "Let's go push that fat turkey down" actually the person whom they were talking about was not fat at all.

we are having spaghetti for supper again tonight. we have a lot of spaghetti, but it doesn't matter because everyone in our family loves it.

I think during this storm that my room feels like the captain's quarters on an old sailing ship. except a lot messier.

our back yard has a nice pond made out of cement about 4' wide and 5' long in the shape of a sea shell with a fountain shaped like a statue of two people. we also have three (3) or four (4) plum trees. we used to have an apple tree and an orange tree but they were dead so I got rid of them. we have a big oak tree right in the middle of our yard it's almost 3' in diameter. whenever the wind blows hard it passes my window and make eerie sounds.

I like my new draw poker machine.

well, my dad has suceeded in ruining another evening that would have been nice.
now I can't write my book report.

watching kojak
I am pretending to be upset but I really did my book report and I am pretending I didn't to worry my parents.