November 30, 2006

Saturday, November 30, 1974
Today Robert came over again and we picked up leaves and put them in bags for 10¢ each. We each made 25¢.
I have to write a book report either tonight or tomorrow. I wish I didn't have to do it.
I think they have ruined channel 20 T.V. after school with Captain Scarlet and Johhny Socco and the Flying robot.
Me and robert made paper airplanes and decided to attach thread to the front so we could pull them through the air.
Today davey Feroe sent me a birthday present (Davey used to be my best friend until his father's company folded and their family moved to colorado) it was a draw poker machine.
When Davey was here we were almost inseparable, we were together all the time. He showed me the desert. we had many good times together. Last year he sent me an authentic Indian sand painting of a medicine man. I keep it locked up in my trunk along with many other of his things.