November 29, 2006

Friday, November 29, 1975
This morning I thought my sister is a brat because she told my dad just because I dropped a shoe down the laundry chute.
Today Robert came over and we went to the new playground, they just put in the swings we were playing on the climbing thing and some kids were throwing rocks and we chased them all the way from the playground to the woods behind my house.
I chased one of them all around the soccer field and had him scared to death.
When we finished that we came back to my house. we played in the fishpond until he had to go home.
Right now I am watching The Hilarious House of Frightenstien. I think it is pretty childish. I am waiting for Hogan's Heroes. some of the ads on T.V. now make me sick with the things they say.
I hate cartoons in which they use the same scenery over and over in the picture.
Lately there has been something good on T.V. every night for a night.
I am still eating the salt I got from ficher's hardware (not in this journal) I have had a pretty good evening watching T.V. first I watched the night stalker the I watched the last part of Miracle on 34th street.
t.v. can be pretty boring.
Today at the playground what he thought of ward swain is what Robert told me. He said that Ward was pretty nice and is a nice companion but he also told me that ward always asked the same questions over and over again as if he hadn't ever heard the answer, even though he had heard it at least 20 times.

I think my dad is too rough. Tonight me and jenny decided to make christmas ornaments I made quite a few unsucessful attempts
I made a beautiful drum out of an empty cardboard ribbon spool. I strung gold cord up and down in a slant and painted it red. finally I put two ribbons around the middle and two green drumskins out of cardboard.