December 03, 2006

Tuesday, December 3, 1974 (private journal)
Math Class
This morning in geo. we had to write our notes from our geo. book on historical periods of russia.
I have a rock I think is a meteorite because it is very heavy for its size and I found it in the middle of our school field when I was in springfield estates school, I was in third grade at the time.

Recess wasn't much fun today.
Mrs. Price isn't in a very good mood.
all our posters have been taken home.
John Koch made a big fuss about a fly that landed on Bobby Curtis' legs.
Mrs. Price liked my book report, I got and "A"
I can't wait to get home.
Today I finally hit Bobby Curtis back, he is a real bully.

I finished most of my math in English class.
Tonight my mother went to bingo. my dad is mad about it even though my mother asked and he said yes.
Our next book report is going to be an oral one.
I wish there were something to watch on T.V. after Hogan's Heroes on channel twenty. My sister is a crybaby.

I hate my dad on nights like this he gets all worked up and yells and screams all night. I am very upset. he made us clean the living room all by ourselves, while he stands on the sidelines and yells at us some more. he upsets me an awful lot. he talks about how mom doesn't do any housework, throws things on the floor, which are entirely false. I think I will go out and tell him that he would immediately stop if someone came over. he once said that mom would do that.
I am going to leave home as soon as possible when I grow up.
my sister is lazy she won't do her homework and somebody always tells her the answers.
I like friendly dogs but I don't like the kind of dog who barks at you whether he knows you or not.
I think the movie "the Red Badge of Courage" was dull, I think the book might be better.
I think it would be neat to have a time machine to travel in.
I like the humming of my fish tank at night.