December 05, 2006

Thursday, December 5, 1974 (private journal)
Before school
I don't think anyone on the newspaper could refuse to publish my Ballad of Mr. Stone. I am going to turn it in today, I signed it with (drawing of secret monogram) just to be safe but Mr. Stone is a nice guy.

Geo Class
Today we are playing. Woody Wood Squares, we drew it in big letters across the board and I drew a big woodpecker and at the top we put starring: and Mr. Bedell signed it!
everybody cheered.
I am not in one of the star's chairs and I am not a contestant. I am just in the audience.
I get to run the projector for the next round.

Chapel was pretty nice.
some people did a stupid skit where the ran around the room yelling "Pre-e-e-e pare ye the way of the lord. over and over.

recess wasn't as much fun as usual, John Koch read the ballad of stone, he thought that I should make a different ending.
I think I will write the Ballad of Bedell.
I hope the table head doesn't have to sit on the end because I will have to find another seat.

today I started my notes for my Theo. report, it is very boring.

Study Period
people are generally mean and nasty today Hallinan stole my bookbag and I got him for it in the neck.
Hollingsworth isn't very nice he twisted my arm so I got him.
I like this black ink much better than the old deluxe blue.

I just finished my math homework, tonight I watched santa claus is coming to town on T.V. it was a little childish but it was pretty good.
I made a picture show on the sides of the pages of my math book where a guy rides a motor scooter over an alligator pit and he stops and gets off his motor scooter and sees an alligator coming after him and starts running the alligator crawls along a ditch and the runner couldn't see him and the motorcyclist stops running and the alligator comes up from behind and eats him and contentedly goes back to the pit.