December 08, 2006

Sunday, December 8, 1974 (private journal)
Very Early
Today I am up very early because I was up at 6:00 this morning reading Charly Brown books and then I went back to sleep for a while and got up at 6:30 on the news last night they said that the sunrises at 7:15 this morning so I decided to see it.
I think charly brown books are funny.
Just think, a man (Charles Schultz) is a millionaire just because he can six basic characters and think up punch lines.

1:40 P.M.
this morning my mother asked me to draw an outline of a scandinavian cottage for her 2nd graders to paint
I finished the outline in no time and now I am working on a picture of some kids baking christmas cookies to go inside the house. my mother wants me to also draw the background of a procession for her to, the outline is five feet long and so are the other pictures she wants me to draw
when she takes them to school her second graders are going to paint it, so I don't have to put in much detail because they would just blob on the paint anyway.
I am glad she asked me to do it for her because I didn't have anything to do this morning.
right now I am going to a place in alexandria which specializes in husky clothes to buy a new sportcoat for school. we are either going to get brown or red.

at home 3:15
while we were at the clothes shop called Herbert's youth fashions, we bought a tan courdouroy jacket, three ties, and a pair of brown pants. we were served by the owner of the place, he was a little rough but was nice.

me and my dad went to the mall for almost 2 hours and I didn't accomplish a thing. we left because all the stores closed at five today, when we got out it was past five o'clock and the library was closed. it made me very mad because I haven't been able to get my hands on a book for days.
while we were in the mall we went into B. Dalton bookseller and looked around, I wish I had a hundred dollars to spend in there. while we were in B. Dalton I found a book called "the nothing book" want to make something of it? and it had all blank pages, it might make a good album for leaf pressers.
I think it was a good idea if the pages had lines I might have gotten one for the next edition of this journal.
I think it would be a good idea if the store offered lettering on the front to say whatever you want.

tonight my mom and dad went across the street to the Hielman's house for a civic association meeting to fight the townhouses at the end of our street.
I think it wouldn't be nice to have them because it would make the traffic so that I wouldn't be safe to ride my bike. on the other hand, maybe there would be some nice kids living there. I don't want the houses because they will destroy the woods in back of my house.