December 12, 2006

Thursday, December 12, 1974

Geo. Class
today in geo. we are going to watch a filmstrip. I am glad because we don't have any notes to copy. I don't know what it's about yet.

Reading Class
today at recess I played a game of keep away with some other people.

english class
just now everybody was acting like apes jumping around and making noises like chimps. I think everybody was finally going crazy.

upper school library (theo.)
right now I am in the upper school library. when I came in today the library seemed smaller, but it was still very big. there is a good view from the big windows on one wall of the library. last time I was in here I never noticed the chandelier. on my way out I am going to ask someone why it's there.
I am very hungry, even though I ate a big lunch.

tonight I am not using my fountain pen because I lost it. I don't see how a pen can vanish into thin air. I can't remember that I put it anyplace.
tonight me and my dad had an argument over my math homework, he makes everything so complicated when they are actually simple. he writes down a big long-division problem when I figure out the answer in seconds.
today I took the skunk I got from the Magic Hat and took out the spring inside and replaced it with a pair of old socks.
today for english we were assigned to do a takeoff on some T.V. show. our group of six voted to do a show called Logan's Loser's. we are going to use the episode tonight for out base. tonight's show was about when Hogan and his gang rob a ban so they can pay for some secret information.
my nana's house in mass. is a fascinating place. she lives in a big house, so big that they have tenants upstairs. it's the kind of house where you always think there is some secret passage somewhere. my nana is a nice old lady, not crabby like some grandmothers. she owns a piece of land called "the gully" mainly because that's just what it is. it is so overgrown with vines and fallen trees that getting to the bottom is a real feat. even if you did, it's all marshy at the bottom and you can't walk. my dad says there used to be a tennis court down there and lovely flowers lined terraces on the edges. personally, I think it looks more like a canyon than a gully.
I am now writing with my new pen, my sister's old one.