December 10, 2006

Tuesday, December 10, 1974

Geo. Class

today I had a hard time getting out of bed and just got to school by the skin of my teeth. I don't know why I am tired because I went to bed and I went right to sleep.
Alex bryan hasn't had a pencil for two weeks. I don't know why he can't get one. I like Davey a whole lot. he used to be my best friend and still is even though he moved to colorado. once we made a computer which would answer questions. we had lots of fun with it and made some money to.

Reading Class
today recess was pretty fun. we played keep away with a pair of knee pads. Mrs. Price is in a pretty good mood. I like my old fifth grade teacher Mrs. Beatte she is pretty nice.

I didn't write much in school today. in study period Mr. Marlin told us the story of chalk man.
tonight I decorated robert's present.
I took a candle and dripped wax all over the outside and burned the ribbon on top. with wax I covered the ribbon so it is almost brittle. I think robert will like it.
I am reading Survive the Savage Sea it is a pretty good book it's about a shipwrecked family afloat in mid-pacific for 37 days and how they survive.
I think I am pretty good at wrapping presents.

before bed
tonight I watched two shows, one called the year without a santa Claus and a special called: out to lunch where the theme was that the muppets took over ABC while all the people are out to lunch. it was funny and I liked that they thought up a good show for once.
tonight my dad is yelling and screaming at everybody he spanked jenny because he said she defied him. he thinks that he can solve all the problems in our family by yelling. I wish he wouldn't yell. he won't believe me but whenever he yells at anyone he punishes me to. I have to hurry because he said he would give me five minutes to write.
I don't know what I am going to get for my mom or dad for christmas when I grow up I hope I never have anything to do with drugs, or anybody who uses drugs.
I really can't think of much more to write because this has been an uneventful evening.
I feel guilty for never doing my Geo. homework.