December 09, 2006

Monday, December 9, 1974

Geo. Class
today when I got up my mom asked me to draw in some more ornaments on the scandinavian christmas tree drawing.
today mr. Bedell wrote about a half an inch taller and thought I could see it from the back of the room. I wish I could find my glasses.

Reading Class
today just after athletics it started snowing. everybody was very excited and clapping each other's backs. everybody ate lunch quickly because they wanted to go out for recess in the snow. at recess everybody was jumping around catching snowflakes on their tongues. it was the most fun recess we have had all school year. you could look up and the snow looked like a swarm of albino bees.

when we came to reading class I drew some snowflakes and put the slogan "GO Snow!" in big letters on the board. I think everybody can't wait to get home, even Mrs. Price

The Bedellian Files
at 9:27 A.M. Mr. Louis Bedell came back from the bathroom to find his whole class of sixth graders missing.
Dum-da-dum dum, dum-a-dum dum dummmm!
he looked in his closet and went out of the building in search of his lost class. after thoroughly searching the room for his class he called in the famous detective Stone.
Stone checked the room for fingerprints but substantill leads were uncovered. Bedell and stone left the school at 10:00 A.M. their first stop was at the house of John Dru Horton Stone knocked on the door a lady answered, Stone said Where's your son? Mrs. Horton said "Why, he's at school isn't he?"
Stone said "Don't answer my questions with questions!" "Now, Did you know your son is missing with the rest of 6A?

After Strenuous questioning and many housecalls it was discovered that the class 6A had gone to math class.

* * *
This story is true, the names have not been changed to condemn the guilty.
How do you like my story?

Late Night
Tonight I wrapped all my christmas presents. so far I have a blacklight for robert, my old tape recorder and some tapes for jenny, and I am sending Davey a 1908 sears, roebuck catalog because I thought he would like it.
This evening I wrote to Davey and drew a picture of Mr. Bedell on the bottom of the second page.