December 11, 2006

Wednesday, December 11, 1974
Geo. Class
I didn't do my geo. homework again tonight I guess that it just doesn't seem important. I think Mr. Bedell is a pretty nice guy. when I wear my white with green plaid jacket I feel like Karl Colchak on The Night Stalker. I have always wished I had esp of some sort and I could do something mysterious, I still do but I found a power I do have, I can be completely silent when walking and I can scare people to death.

Reading Class
some people are awfully stupid.
I like Scope magazine a whole lot, it has good storys and I also like the mini mysteries are good.
today I found a pen on the floor which to put out the ballpoint you push one end of the clip and to retract it you push the other end.
when I wrestle Jon Horton no matter what he does I turn it to my advantage.

Study Period
I am mad because I hate work in my green math book, he said that the homework would be the same as the things we did in class today. they were not. I hate it when people steal my bookbag and I have to go looking for it. I suppose that they think it's fun because I do it sometimes to but all the same I don't think it's very nice.

today I was picked up by a taxi because my dad was in court- much too late. we had the same cab as we had last year
I like Hogan's heroe's more than all the other shows on channel 20.
we are going to nana's for christmas.
I can't wait, just think of all the snow they will have in massachusetts! my cousins and my nana live across the street from each other. our plan is to leave on sunday (christmas is on wednesday) and take all our presents with s and on christmas open them then we would leave on the following saturday or later. I always like going down to nana's its a lot of fun. I just thought that now that it's winter, gould's sugar house will be open and will have sugar on snow. it's the best stuff you ever tasted you pour hot maple syrup on a plate of snow and it turns into a kind of maple taffy.

before bed
tonight I read Survive the Savage Sea all evening. it is a good book.
when I was reading my sister and parents were watching the andy williams christmas show when I heard the carols they sung it had a saddening effect on me. I think it is the beginning of my annual pre-christmas depression.