December 13, 2006

Friday, December 13, 1974

before school
I just now realized it is friday the thirteenth. It makes me feel spooky.
today I got up early at seven o'clock because my dad has a trial today.

Geo. class
I am worried because of our skit on Logan's losers, I can't think of any good story.
today someone brought a deck of cards which were strung together so you could do spectacular tricks like throwing the deck from hand to hand.
Mr. Bedell is going to read us a book called Animal Farm.

Math class
I am writing this with John Leiner's pen.
I hope we don't have homework over the weekend.
I am looking forward to wrestling. I think I am slowly gaining respect from people in my class.

Reading Class
today at recess everyone was watching the eclipse. It wasn't very spectacular.
borthwick never saw it because he was trying to use a shoebox with a pinhole in it. All the other people either looked at it straight on of took four fingers and made a tiny peephole and looked at the eclipse that way.

today our group for Logan's Losers split up and me and horton are going to do the Last night show. and the other half of our group are doing the C.B.S. world report.
I am all excited over my and horton's tv show we have a script all but worked out.
tonight I went to the library and got the next four books in the narnia series. they are good storys.
tomorrow I am going to Jon Horton's house for the day. we will have a lot of fun. we are also going to get all the bugs out of our skit.
when I watch the night stalker I always get the creeps when I go to bed.
after I am finished writing I am going to finish our skit script. I will not tell you about our play because It will be copied in this book.
we have a big box in our back patio because it is too big for the lear's (our next door neightbors) to hide it from their children.
here is our yesterday night show sign:
well, anyway it isn't a good copy but it will give you some idea of it.