December 14, 2006

Saturday, December 14, 1974

Today I got up pretty early and I read Prince Caspian for a while.
Here is a copy of the original script for the last night show:
Intro: And now taped from stonywood, the Last night show starring Johnny Carson, with his guests The invisible man and Elmer j Fudd
Now, Heeeeeer’s Johnny!
-Johnny: Hi there! We have two great guests for you tomorrow. Here’s our first guest the invisible man! (waves his arms offstage twice)
Offstage voice: he’s already there!
-Johnny: (startled) oh, may I shake your uh . . .
well that alright.
tape: I am very honored to be here.
Johnny: are you?
tape: of course I am, mumble
Johnny: well, I see your time is up mr. uh . . .
Tape: bye, bye now!

Johnny: Now for our next guest, Mr. Elmer J. Fudd who is a very alone person so it was hard getting him here, you know him and his rabbits! (Fudd walks into room carrying popgun looks like he is tracking something)
Fudd: shh! I’m hunting rabbits
-Johnny: Mr. Fudd, I would like to ask you on behalf of your many fans . . .
Mr. Fudd? Mr. Fudd? Mr. Fudd!
Fudd: shh! I’m hunting rabbits!
(offstage man now throws stuffed rabbit on string into room Fudd chases it out of room)


(drunk comes stumbling into room holding beer can)
Johnny: hello! This is our next guest, mr. uh? . .
drunk: (looking at beer can) “bud”
Johnny: bud who?
drunk: (looks at beer can again) bud weiser
Johnny: oh I see, mr. weiser, have a seat.
(drunk weaves and misses chair completely)
(johnny lifts him into chair)
Johnny: mr. weiser . . . . .(drunks head slowly goes down onto desk) are you still with us mr. weiser? Mr. weiser! (shouts into drunk’s ear)
Drunk: (slowly head comes up) yup!
Johnny: now mr. weiser . . . . . (drunk’s head goes down again) mr. weiser! Wake up! (shakes drunk)
Drunk: yup (head starts to go down again)
Johnny: well, anyway the reason mr.weiser is here with us today is because, uh because, why is this guy here! Get this bum out of my studio!
(drags drunk out of room into hall.)
The end

Today I spent the whole day with John Horton. He is a pretty nice guy.
when I got there he invited me in and first thing he did was give me a pepsi.
during the day we must have rehearsed our skit twenty times. I have all my lines memorized now all we need is to get all the props ready for Monday.
When I was at John’s he took me bike riding. We went to his country club about 6 or 7 blocks away. We arrived in about 15 minutes and parked our bikes in the bike rack. We bowled two games of duckpins ( I did pretty well considering I have never bowled duckpins before)
John won both games.
When we came back we rehearsed our show and played with John’s tape recorder a while.
I had lots of fun.
The hortons live in a mansion of a house but it is still very cozy.
All the time I was there John wore his sweatshirt and sweatpants, even when we went to the country club!
I heard that steven came over looking for me but I was not here. Steven doesn’t come over too often so I hope he comes back.
We are going to have a lot of fun on Monday.